STL, is located at Sango-Ota, and is an innovative supplier of flexible packaging solutions for wide range of applications, products and industries.
We also produce printed self-adhesive labels, printed and plan laminates, high barrier, shrink and stretch films whose quality can be compared with products from advanced countries.
With the Entry of World Class Consumer goods and other Companies into the world of each other, coupled with easy going Government policies of Liberalising import the demand for Quality, Service and Cost on the Packaging Sector are increasing at a rapid pace.
This has forced us to relook or we may say forced us to CHANGE our ways of Thinking & Functioning in the Business Organization. As rightly said by the father of Re-Engineering Mr Michel Hammer that to stay ahead in Business one must have a PROCESS DRIVEN APPROACH rather than a FUNCTIONAL DRIVEN (By Process, it means that the Business is made up of Distinct Processes / Steps each of which Must Add Value to the End Product/Customer) (All have No Right To Exist.)


We must Aim at Total Business Transformation (in terms of New Technology) which in turn givesOur Company a Step-Jump performance in terms of Customer Driven Measures Of Performance.